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I’ve been a little MIA and here’s why…

I’ve officially started a healthy lifestyle blog! Not to betray tumblr or anything- I just needed a different platform for this project.

check it outttttt www.wickedhealthywashingtonian.com

forget the olympics. The trade deadline is tomorrow

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sunday night baseball

get here faster.

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Peanut butter on a square of dark chocolate. Heaven.

Peanut butter on a square of dark chocolate. Heaven.

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all I can think about is fall and subsequently, winter.

summer, you’re alright I guess.

but you don’t even hold a candle to fall and winter. post Halloween till January first is without question the best time of the year.

maybe it’s because i’m a sucker for nostalgia or maybe it’s because i’m in a constant state of homesickness but I can’t stop thinking about what being home for the holidays entails.

I’m half awake at work and day dreaming of cold weather, sweaters, running errands with my mom, flurries of snow, warm coffee and cocoa beverages, hugs, holiday parties, crunchy leaves, my grandmother in her apron, wrapping paper, pine, pumpkin, warm apples, my aunts purple lipstick stained on a mug, fleece, football, buying people I love presents, Christmas music, Friends Thanksgiving episodes, and bright lights throughout the neighborhood at nighttime.

these thoughts are more than comforting but also, they are making me want to cry.

it’s hot and humid outside in DC. work is painfully slow and unwelcoming today. and all I want is the comfort and dreams of being home for the holidays with my family to be a reality right now.


is another day.
will be monday.
starts the beginning of another work week.

has to be better. 
looks like a fresh chapter (yet again).

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i’m trying i’m trying i’m trying.

i’m trying i’m trying i’m trying.

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I’ve been trying to do it rightI’ve been living a lonely life…So show me familyAll the blood that I would bleedI don’t know where I belongI don’t know where I went wrongBut I can write a songI belong with youYou belong with me.

I’ve been trying to do it right
I’ve been living a lonely life…
So show me family
All the blood that I would bleed
I don’t know where I belong
I don’t know where I went wrong
But I can write a song
I belong with you
You belong with me.

this weekend.

my family was here. it was great.
today, sans family I entertained myself with a farmers market and exploring the city a little bit.

late night can’t fall asleep on my own couch

it’s Saturday night but I keep forgetting.

this weekend has been bizarre because my parents and two youngest sisters are here.

I’m only reminded of the fact that it is Saturday by my sleepless twitter scrolling now and the loud ass people in my hallway that I normally wouldn’t even notice.

But i’m sleeping on my couch. My parents are in my bed. Sisters on an air mattress below me. And I can’t sleep.

It’s loud. The elevator won’t stop opening and closing.

More importantly, i’m anxious as fuck about so many things. My family is leaving tomorrow. I’ll be alone in my apartment for two and a half weeks (live in boyfriend is away).

And there is just a million things on my mind.

Why does it never shut off. Why am I in such a weird place.


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